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Motor vehicles are among the most reported

Property assets stolen in many countries.

Professional thieves operate despite a large array of new vehicle security devices. Millions of cars are re-birthed and parts distributed throughout the world every year – despite advanced immobilizer systems, GPS tracking systems, and the like.

Our theft deterrent system for motor vehicles is different. Up to 10,000 Dots are applied per vehicle, all of them laser etched with the unique Vehicle Identification Number (VIN) or Personal Identification Number (PIN). These are virtually invisible to the naked eye -until viewed under UV light.

To make this application quick and cost effective, Data Dot Technology Ltd has patented an innovative spray process. The process covers the key panels, engine, gearbox and other expensive parts . The DNA encoded adhesive is extremely resilient and difficult to remove.

With such saturation and extensive coverage, is impossible to remove cost effectively. Moreover the size of the dots makes it impossible for thieves ever to be confident they have removed every single one. And if there is just one tiny dot left, the police will know it is stolen. . Therefore to a professional thief, a car with the system is far more dangerous than a car without it. So what can a thief do? The only solution is to stop stealing cars that have the system – and statistics prove that is exactly what has happened.

Book in now, and have your vehicle protected with Data Dot DNA by us for as little as £54.00!